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Our Team

Our management selects a group of professional individuals who are up to date with the latest happenings and occurrences across the world which will enable us to provide authentic and reliable news.

James Stark
Sr. Editor

Having a total experience of 8 years, James joined Global News Collector as the senior editor in October 2015. He is an expert in the field of business and is very good with understanding the market trends. He is a very reliable source and provides accurate information related to market and business and has a deep interest in the share market.

Phone: +1 804-684-6321

David Brown
Author & Contributor

David Brown has been working as a freelance content writer for Global News Collector for the last four years. He began his career in his hometown of Tamworth in north-west New South Wales, where he scored a job as a cadet journalist. He has a passion for technology from childhood and is a master in the field of technology. He likes to keep himself updated with the latest gadgets and technologies.

Phone: +1 804-684-6322

Cindy Allen
Editor & Writer

Having an experience of more than 10 years, Cindy is one of the pillars of Global News Collector Team and has a deep interest in world news. She has worked with many elite authors and publishers and has a unique style of writing. She likes to spend quality time with her family and friends and always finds out a way to manage work and family together.

Phone: +1 804-684-6323

Mary Ellen
Author & Contributor

Mary Ellen is a versatile content writer and editor in the field of Health and Pharmacy. She has a total experience of 12 years and is very dedicated and hard working. Before entering into the writing world, she worked as an editor for many renowned authors and publications. She likes reading and spends a lot of time reading books and other articles.

Phone: +1 804-684-6324