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Number of American Smokers Hit a Record Low, According to CDC

An estimation says that 14 percent of adults, meaning around 34.3 million people, smoked cigarettes in 2017, according to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The number is down from 15.5 percent in 2016, according to the CDC. This historic figure shows a 67 percent decline from 1965, back when the National Health Interview Survey started tracking smokers and 42.4 percent of adults smoked cigarettes.

The new data highlights the success of public health efforts over the past few decades. But it also suggested that while concentrating on cigarettes has largely helped the health of Americans, about 47 million people are still using some type of tobacco product.

Brian King, a deputy director in an office on smoking and health in the CDC said that the declines in 2017 for adult smoking are certainly unprecedented. Initiatives such as increasing the price of tobacco, educating consumers on the dangers of smoking and efforts to help people quit were the primary reasons behind the decline, said King. He added stating that fewer young people are starting to smoke, while the older smokers are dying and many others are quitting.

Cigars, cigarillos or filtered little cigars were recorded as the second-most used product behind cigarettes. The numbers were 3.8 percent of adults, or 9.3 million people, agreeing that they used them.

While some adults are using the Juul devices, the most popular e-cigarettes designed to help smokers, another evidence suggests many teens are also using the devices. Preliminary federal data show a 77% rise in high school students using e-cigarettes. Food and Drug Administration labeled this an “epidemic” because of this high number.

Juul, British American Tobacco’s Vuse, Altria’s MarkTen, Imperial Brands’ Blu E-cigs, and Japan Tobacco’s Logic have been asked by the agency to submit plans on reducing teen use within 60 days. These five companies represent about 97 percent of the e-cigarette market.

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