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The Notch to be a Part Of Samsung’s Infinity Family, Although Galaxy S10 Might Not Have it

Samsung revealed the Infinity Flex screen of the much awaited foldable Galaxy F during the SDC18 keynote on Wednesday. Apparently, that’s not the only new hardware the company unveiled during the event. Samsung is about to embrace the iPhone X notch, something it has successfully avoided for more than a year. But the upcoming Galaxy S10 flagship won’t have a notch. The future Samsung designs are expected to have a notch as a detail from Samsung’s presentation offers a good reason for it.

Samsung also discussed a bunch of displays that will soon be part of the Infinity family. These include the Infinity U, Infinity V, Infinity O as well as the New Infinity. Two of the four Infinity displays feature camera notches shaped like the letters U and V while the third display features a hole in the shape like the letter O.

However, the New Infinity display will have absolutely no bezel at the top. It’s unclear when will Samsung launch this New Infinity display but it looks kind of expensive and is expected to come on a flagship device. The New Infinity would probably incorporate various elements such as the front speaker and the camera under the glass. Samsung has already made a display that conducts sound through the screen, making it seem plausible that now they are exploring placing the speaker under the screen.

It’s unclear whether Samsung has perfected the technology to mass-produce New Infinity displays for the Galaxy S10.

Although, cheaper Galaxy phones of 2019 may come with Infinity U and V screens, while the Infinity O might be included in the more expensive mid-range and high-end handsets. The technology that is used to make the new Infinity designs will allow Samsung to offer similar display designs in the future to other smartphone makers such as Apple and Google.

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