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Amazon’s narrowed second headquarters picks include Dallas and NYC

Sorry, Crystal City, you aren’t the only one Amazon fancies when narrowed down on the choice of location for a 2nd headquarters HQ2. Tipsters say that the internet giant has reduced its finalists down to just a handful of cities, including Dallas and NYC. And according to the insiders, they aren’t all at the same phase, but it’s very clear which cities are getting attention. Talks with the other contenders, such as Atlanta, Toronto, and Denver, have reportedly been cooled as of late.

The contacts say that Amazon hasn’t really made a firm decision and that even the cities with little or no activity at all are uncertain to be out of the picture. However, the site choice specialists say that Amazon was likely talking to the additional cities in case a deal would fall through – Amazon might just be using them for backups. The negotiations partly revolve around firming up the number of investments the company would need to receive incentives in a given city.

Amazon vows to make a decision on the new Headquarters by the end of 2018. The company has not provided clues as to who is in the lead, though, and even the front runners are not aware of how likely they are to come out on top. While that mystery may be amusing for observers, it also creates some potential headaches. In addition to what would be ”sparking” discussions among local governments, Amazon’s process of selection has led real estate companies to buy properties or take them off the market in the belief that they’re unlikely to lose. Cities that don’t get the nod might find themselves left in the lurch if they had spent a lot of resources on the bids.

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