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Apple’s new MacBook Air Competes Against Windows and It’s Own iPad

Steve Jobs introduced the world to slim low weight laptops 10 years ago when he introduced the MacBook Air by taking it out of a tiny paper office envelope. That was a moment when all the audience at Apple’s Macworld 2008 keynote were shocked, and it sent shockwaves through the entire PC market. Apple, back then, had created a wedge-shaped laptop that even at its thickest part was thinner than even the thinnest part of the Sony TZ Series.

While the original MacBook Air caught the crowd 10 years ago in a shock and awe situation, the latest model unveiled earlier this week appears to be more of a refresh than a revolution. In the meantime, over at Microsoft, the Windows laptop space has been catching up to the MacBook over the past decade.

The best Windows laptops available in the market right now include devices from Huawei, HP, Microsoft, as well as Lenovo. Apart from some experimentation during the Windows 8 days, Windows appears to have settled on a common 2-in-1 form that provides some tablet functionality along with a more traditional laptop format. HP’s Spectre X360 is a good example of this combination.

Apple’s new MacBook Air doesn’t offer a much better alternative to the latest Windows laptops. A new high-resolution display has now been included on the MacBook Air, upgrading it from the existing Air, which has been available for $999 with a low-resolution non-IPS display for over 10 years. Microsoft has also renewed its Surface Laptop 2 with Intel’s latest quad-core U series processors, while Apple has opted for a lesser powered dual-core Y series processor.

The new MacBook Air is shipped with the latest generation of Apple’s controversial butterfly keyboard. And Users do not know whether the improvements Apple has made to the butterfly switches combat dust issues.

Apple has been prioritizing the iPad Pro over the MacBook as its consumer “computer” of choice. This was made even clear during Apple’s event earlier this week when the company revealed that they have sold more iPads in the past year than the entire lineup of notebooks.

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