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Northern Virginia could be the Home to HQ2, as Amazon Enters Advanced Talks Phase with Officials

Amazon is in a stage of advanced talks with officials of Northern Virginia about the possibilities of opening their second headquarters in the Crystal City.

The talks have come after a year-long search that has left hundreds of cities around the country bidding to pitch themselves to the e-commerce giant, as reported by The Washington Post.

The talks were of how quickly Amazon would move its employees to Virginia, the buildings they would occupy and how an announcement would be made to the public about the move.  It’s unclear at this point in time as to whether or not Amazon is having similar discussions with other finalist cities.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said at a conference in New York on Thursday, that the company’s decision would be based on his own intuition ultimately. Bezos had earlier said in October that Amazon will decide for a place for their new HQ before the end of the year.

In January, Bezos had narrowed down the search to 20 North American cities after having received 238 proposals. Amazon expects the new headquarters to bring more than $5 billion in construction investments and around 50,000 well-paying jobs, along with the tens of billions of dollars in further investment, to the city that will host HQ2.

Executives from Amazon had visited five cities over the past couple of months, including big names like New York City, Newark, New Jersey, Chicago, and the Washington D.C. according to The Wall Street Journal.

Many of these cities offered tax incentives to the trillion-dollar company in hopes of wooing them. State and local officials in New Jersey had a combined proposal of $7 billion in tax incentives. While Chicago had offered $2 billion in tax breaks and seemed to be willing to go even higher.

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