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Flight Recorder Recovered From the Crashed Lion Air Jet

Divers have found bodies of passengers still strapped into their seats among debris on the seafloor from the Lion Air jet that crashed this Monday. Isswarto, a search and rescue official, who goes by one name, confirmed the fact in a news conference. He also said that divers were recovering the remains.

He said that divers found many pieces of plane debris scattered about on the ocean floor, most of them small, but they haven’t been able to find any large portions of the plane. They had, however, managed to recover a flight recorder from the crashed airliner on the seafloor. Marking a crucial development in the investigation of the cause of the accident. The 2-month-old plane had plunged into the Indonesian seas earlier this week, killing all 189 people on traveling by the flight.

One of the TV stations in Indonesia showed a footage of two divers after they surfaced, swam to an inflatable vessel and placed the bright orange device into a large container that was then transferred to a search-and-rescue ship.

Navy’s Sgt Hendra said that they were desperate because the current below was strong. After narrowing the possible location, Hendra started digging and cleaning the debris until he finally found an orange object.

Officials on Wednesday said that 56 body bags containing human remains had been sent to a Jakarta hospital for identification using DNA samples provided by family members.

It is considered the worst airline disaster in Indonesia in more than two decades, which raised a lot of concerns about safety in its fast-growing aviation industry. Indonesian Aviation Industry was recently removed from the European Union and U.S. blacklists.

Search and rescue agency head Muhammad Syaugi said that the orange box was found about 500 meters (yards) northwest of the coordinates where the plane lost contact, at a depth of 30 meters.

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