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Rescue Teams Recover Wrecked Parts of The Crashed Lion Air Plane, The Carrier Takes Actions Against Their Official

Indonesia seems to be close to finding the main wreckage of the missing Lion Air plane that crashed earlier this week. The hunt for clues to the cause of the country’s worst air disaster since 1997 continued into the third day.

Haris Djoko Nugroho, commander of Indonesia’s naval ship Rigel, said that the search team found quite a large object, about 20 meters long on Wednesday. The crew is now closing in on the area, as stated by National Military Chief Hadi Tjahjanto in a statement.

Tjahjanto said that the rescue team is not sure if it’s part of the JT610. He added that the team is focusing on that one spot to confirm whether the part they found actually belongs to the missing aircraft.

The missing plane had a technical issue with its airspeed and altitude readings, as reported during its previous flight from Bali to Jakarta. The issue was however fixed by the airline, Lion Air’s spokesman Danang Mandala Prihantoro had said. Lion Air said that they were firing their technical director under instructions from the transport ministry.

The very new Boeing Co. 737 Max plane crashed after takeoff from Jakarta airport earlier this week. The plane was reported to have slammed into the water at high speed, according to preliminary data transmitted from the aircraft and reported by FlightRadar24. Reports suggest that one of the jet’s pilots had asked to return to land and that the flight track showed variations in speed as well as altitude, which also suggests that they may have been dealing with some kind of a problem on board.

The jet which carried 189 people on board is all feared dead under current circumstances.

If the search crews manage to locate the fuselage of the JT610, the next crucial task, other than recovering bodies, would be to retrieve the plane’s black box. The box contains data and cockpit voice recordings and even the data of the plane’s electronics and mechanical systems along with the conversations of the pilots. Information that will be very helpful to understand the mystery behind the dive.

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