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Google Announces Firebase Platform to be Upgraded to Enterprise Level

At the Firebase Summit in Prague today, Google announced a number of updates to its Firebase platform. Firebase is an app development platform designed to help them shift from an environment for individuals or small teams to a full-blown enterprise level development tool.

Google had acquired Firebase 4 years ago to help developers connect to key cloud tools using a set of software development kits (SDKs). But the toolkit wasn’t geared towards larger organizations up until now.

Francis Ma, head of product at Firebase stated that the announcements are about a set of features and updates that are directed more towards enterprises and teams that are looking to build and grow their apps.

The biggest news in the announcement was that they were adding corporate support. While the company supports about 1.5 million apps per month running on Firebase, they needed to have a place corporate IT could be able to call when they run into issues. That will be coming with the company’s various support packages in Beta by the end of this year. These packages will be tied to a larger and more broader Google Cloud Platform support.

Ma explained in a blog post that, if a customer already has a paid GCP Support package, they will be able to get their Firebase questions answered through the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Support Console. Once the change is fully launched, Firebase support will be included free of charge with paid GCP Support packages. These include target response times, a dedicated technical account manager and more.

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