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Adenovirus Outbreak in a New Jersey Rehab Centre Claims Lives of Fragile Children, Eighth Child Dies

Virus claimed the life of the eighth child this Friday afternoon following a monthlong adenovirus outbreak at a rehabilitation center in New Jersey, the state’s Department of Health said.

The child was fragile and suffering from a respiratory illness, was not confirmed to have a common infection. Health officials said that they were awaiting test results.

Seven other children have died so far and 16 others managed to have survived the adenovirus while being treated at the Wanaque Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center in Haskell. Health Department made a statement that the confirmed cases became ill between Sept. 26 and Oct. 22. Adding that the facility has agreed to cease new admissions for the duration of the outbreak. The department has confirmed to have begun with an active investigation of an outbreak of adenovirus. Making it possible that lab tests will confirm additional cases.

The children affected were previously described as medically fragile children with compromised immune systems to a large extent.

The health officials are being assisted in testing and expertise by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

Adenovirus feels like a cold or flu and is a mild infection but it can be lethal to those with a weak immune system.

NBC News medical correspondent Dr. John Torres says that the virus is pretty common and often goes unnoticed.

State health officials put the cause of the outbreak to infection control issues as found out by an inspection of the Wanaque Center last weekend.

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