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New Changes to YouTube Embed Features Focusses on Gathering More Subscribers for Channel Creators

Youtube has introduced new features for its users. Youtube updated information about a new beta program for Android users on their FAQ page. Then, they started testing the picture-in-picture mini floating window for its web users. Recently, the Video Embeds on the video-blogging site got redesigned to bring new handy features and shortcuts that which made things easier for the users.

The biggest change that has come in the redesigned version is a new channel shortcut in the top left corner of any video. A shortcut that displays all the information related to the particular channel. Information such as full channel name, a total number of subscribers, option to subscribe and an option to turn on upload notifications option

On the right side, the video embed has the sharing and Watch Later options. That means users will no longer have to leave the video and go to a particular channel if they wish to subscribe to it. However, this is not the case though. This was done to help the Channel creators and YouTube personalities to grow their subscriber numbers.

The video embed feature that allows users to embed a video posted on YouTube on other websites will also have these features thereby allowing Channel creators to reach out to a large number of people off the YouTube website as well.

YouTube has also launched a new Miniplayer feature which was available on Android devices, on the site that allows you to Watch Videos & Browse YouTube while you are browsing other videos. Allowing users to explore and watch at the same time.

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