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Kim Kardashian supports Kylie Jenner being called ‘independent’


The web may not admit, but Kim Kardashian absolutely considers her sister Kylie Jenner and all of her siblings are “independent.”

The argument blew up a week ago after Forbes magazine praised “America’s Women Billionaires” with Jenner on its cover, observing, “At 21, she is all set to be simply the youngest self-made billionaire.”

Reaction over Forbes naming Kylie Jenner ‘independent’

Many people debated that originating from the primary family of reality shows barely certified the young celebrity as “independent.”

Yet her elder and more established sister contended to Refinery29 that she and her kin totally earned that portrayal.

“I truly didn’t get it, since she is ‘independent’ — we are all ‘independent,'” Kardashian West stated. “What if we belong to a family that has had achievement? To me, that is absolute nonsense.”

The Kardashian-Jenners have different business endeavors from clothing to cosmetic products and advertisement contracts.

Kardashian West stated none of them got monetary assistance from their family.

She said, “I, Kylie, and none of my siblings have ever relied upon our parents for anything but guidance.”

“That is how we have lived our lives. My father [Robert Kardashian] never gave me anything. We may have the opportunity, however, I’ve seen it go the direct inverse way. No one works harder than my mother and my sisters.”

Kardashian West said she’s pleased with her younger sibling for “[taking] a weakness of hers and [figuring] out how to make an extremely fruitful business off of it.” She was indicating to her sister’s lip bags (Jenner has been getting cosmetic filler at a young age to adjust her appearance and has been open about disliking her lips).

The actress likewise noticed that belonging to a well-settled family at times brings about children who don’t buckle down.

“I know huge numbers of individuals like that [who] haven’t ended up being as fruitful as Kylie,” Kardashian West said. “If anything, I’ve seen the direct inverse.”

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