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George Clooney’s ‘Catch-22’ to continue generation following the scooter crash


A source disclosed to Page Six throughout the end of the week that creation on the restricted arrangement would envelop this week by Sardinia and move to Rome.

Another source let us know on Tuesday that the mishap isn’t influencing the move to Rome, and that “creation is proceeding as arranged.”

The six-section arrangement depends on Joseph Heller’s exemplary 1961 novel. It is set to air on Hulu in 2019. Clooney, 57, is filling in as chief and official maker on the task, and furthermore assumes the part of Scheisskopf.

Clooney was driving his bike at 8 a.m. nearby time Tuesday when he slammed into an auto, which apparently sent him colliding with its windshield and flying 20 feet noticeable all around. He was hurried to the healing center with a “slight injury to the pelvis and wounds to one leg and an arm.”

“He is recouping at his home and will be fine,” his rep Stan Rosenfield revealed to The Post in an email.

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